About Us

In the past 6 years, I have lived in 4 different states and 6 different homes. I stutter when asked for my social, but I can rattle the last four digits of my husband’s without hesitation.  I am an acronym diva, flat rate shipping superstar, and my resume looks like a patchwork quilt.  I am a proud military spouse.

Jewelry-making started out as a hobby for me. Since being married to the military, I began thinking of ways to incorporate my husband's EOD badge into my creations. I wanted to show my pride, but in a delicate feminine way...in other words I didn't want to look overly military. There was nothing out there that met my needs, so I made myself a couple of EOD necklaces using actual badges I found laying around the house. My creations were something I could wear to work or to the grocery store, and still look fashionable. As I perfected my designs, more friends made requests and other military spouses showed interest.

With our last PCS move, my hobby has blossomed into a small business. Like so many other military spouses, I got fed up with leaving career after career, just to start all over again in a new location.  I knew there was a need out there and who better to fill that need than a military spouse. I began putting all my effort into Her Hero.

My jewelry creations are always evolving and I am always adding new work to my repertoire on Etsy. Additionally, in my small business adventure, I have discovered a variety of stunning products perfect for those "standing by"...as a result, my online boutique is also expanding (look under the "more products" tab on this site). The feedback I get from customers is my motivation to continue Her Hero.

Hero Hero's mission is simple...to give military spouses, moms, and sweethearts a fashionable way to showcase their pride.

If you don't see anything created with your Hero's badge or that meets your individual style, contact me.